We like to look at the world in a different
way. And guess what we see? Simplicity. That
simplicity is what you recognise in how we work
and what we make. From quote to concept to the
design of communication materials. All brought back
to the essence.
That’s why we’re called Senzie.


Vondellaan 46,
3521 GH Utrecht

I spy with my little eye

Senzie is an advertising agency which looks at the world in a different way. We’re informal, inquisitve and totally passionate. We love beautiful colours and are always asking questions. We want to know everything and understand everything. That’s how we’ve worked for the past 20 years. Which may sound old - but when you love what you do, it keeps you young.

We believe in making your idea, your concept or advertising message understandable for everyone. That’s why we take you on a journey to discover the essence. What do you really want to say? We love taking that journey with you. Together we can make things so much clearer. Because clarity and simplicity are what we really love.

As easy as child’s play.


Sigfrid van Driel

I’m the owner of SENZIE. I’m also a gamer, Bob the Builder fan, photographer, cake artist, painter, drawing artist, MC, teacher, app developer and father of two beautiful children.

Sigfrid van Driel

Jonne Heijmans

I’m the studio manager at SENZIE. I’m also a gamer, programmer and animator, studious, a perfectionist, problem solver and father of two beautiful boys.

Jonne Heijmans

Petra Nuijten

I’m an account manager at SENZIE. I’m also a foodie, bookworm, and bargain-hunter, always searching for the perfect gift, restaurant or hotel.

Petra Nuijten

Frauke van Beusekom

I’m a project manager at SENZIE. I’m also an animal lover, traveler, runner, book lover, puzzler and can often be found at the movies.

Frauke van Beusekom

we are

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Lennaert Jagt

I’m a multi-media designer at SENZIE, making attention-grabbing designs is totally my thing. I’m also a gamer, a big Star Wars fan and like to crack jokes.

Lennaert Jagt

Valentijn van der Hout

I’m a film maker and multi-media designer at SENZIE. I also love movies, audio books, art, games, surfing and spending time in nature.

Valentijn van der Hout

Mittch Maree

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator at SENZIE. I’m also a nature lover, traveler, altruist, herbivore, Zen master, amateur chef and love documentaries.

Mittch Maree

Jeroen Meijer

I’m a jack of all trades at SENZIE. I’m also a Photoshop apprentice, dancer, organizer of dance events and dance teacher. I’m also open minded, an avocado-lover and Pokémon trainer.

Jeroen Meijer
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Look at
the world in
a different way

and see more.


Call +31(0)30 601 11 45

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Senzie loves

Concepts with essence

What we really love is thinking up concepts. On your behalf we go in search of the essence, with empathy, creativity and commitment. What’s the story of your brand and how do you tell it? We don’t write your story on paper. We present it visually so that you see what we see. Try us!

Retail materials with stopping power

How do you catch a customer’s attention in-store? How do you get someone to buy your product when they’re spoilt for choice? We develop communication materials to stop consumers in their tracks. From a shop-in shop, to striking POS materials or outdoor advertising, we make sure they get noticed.

Online resources with impact

Apps, websites, newsletters, social media campaigns, videos and animations, they all need to be different to get noticed. We help you design all sorts of online materials and can build them for you as well. Combining user friendliness and originality. Prepare to be surprised!

Marketing campaigns with the right tone

A truly successful campaign is one that speaks your audience’s language and understands the local culture. We’ve been helping major international clients translate their marketing materials into the Dutch market for many years. And if necessary we design additional materials within brand guidelines. Online, print, we do it all.

Corporate identity with style

A good and recognisable logo shows people who you are. From locals to multinationals, no company can do without one. Before we start the design, we immerse ourselves in your company culture. The result is a logo that fits the vision and the flavour of your company. Style guaranteed.

Proud to
present our

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